My last two TV appeareances

April 4, 2012 By: admin - No Comments

You have probably realized that I am not posting really actively in darubik for a long time. I have recently moved to Amsterdam due to professional reasons and my time since then is focused on my new job.

Anyway, here I show you a couple of the last two TV appearances I did before leaving Spain. Both are from one of the most famous spanish TV program, called “El Hormiguero”. With a few millions viewers everynight, it has become the nightly to-see-program for many families in Spain.

First of them, doing the Juggling routine with the Rubiks cube, in November 2011.

Again from the same program, but this time being longer on live and solving 4 cubes underwater with no breath, a couple of days before I finally moved to Amsterdam.

Hope you enjoy them!